2 thoughts on “Ask Cynthia”

  1. Dear Cynthia, I just read your post on the five yin organs exercises. Thank you for this insightful post. I like these exercises. But what about the exercises for the five yang organs? Could you tell me about those?

    Many thanks,

  2. Dear Ted, apologies for the very long delay. The Yin exercises cover all the Yin organs which carry the essence of the organs for each of the element which is to say that these are designed to develop this essence. The yin organ are paired with the yang organs and support them through this essence. In this way, the Yang organs depend upon the paired yin essence, i.e. Bladder Qi depends upon Kidney yin. It is harder to maintain this yin essence as it gets depleted over our lives and takes exercises such as these to maintain it, also acupuncture and herbs can help a lot with this. So the reason the Yang organs arent given specific exercises here is because the best way to benefit these organs is to strengthen their paired yin organ which will heal and strengthen them, so the yang organs are getting treated through these yin exercises.
    Hope this helps!

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