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Untangling the Knots of Worry

Greetings Dear Readers,

Ever have one of those days of mental burn-out, a day when the mind feels sluggish, mental burnouttired from too many thoughts, worries, decisions, emails?  Or maybe you were up all night studying for an exam or preparing to give a speech and now it feels like your mind is saying “enough already!”.

overthinkingOr maybe we don’t even notice that our head or brain is all tied up in knots until we try to do something like meditate.  Then, we see that we aren’t in our hearts at all!  We’re up in our brain and it’s a mad jungle in there.  We look at our mind and see that many of the thoughts are repetitious, going around in circles and not leading to any productive outcome.

multitakingOr are you someone who habitually surfs the internet or watches TV while eating?  Are you taking in data from many sources at once like trying to read, text and listen to a podcast all at the same time.  Yup, I get it, done that too.  When we’re over-stimulated by so many sources of info all at once we can’t process it let alone remember what we took in.

Any of the above scenarios are all too common in modern life.  A great acupuncture point for this mental overload is Stomach 8 “Head Tied”.  This point works to unbind theST8 knots of worry, obsession, and over-analysis and release the energetic imbalance in our Earth element that causes us to keep mulling over the same thoughts without end.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, worry is said to “knot” the qi, meaning our energy system becomes blocked and stagnant from over-thinking and this can especially affect the digestive system.  As some patients have reported, the mind can feel like a bowl of spaghetti.

It’s time to unwind from all those mental knots and come back to centre.  Contact me for an acupuncture treatment and give yourself some space to relax and recharge.

Yours in health,

Cynthia McGilvray, R.Ac.


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