Qi Gong and the benefits of Wall Squats (Zhineng)

Greetings Dear Readers,

Thought I’d share a little tip my Qi Gong teacher once said to me:

“100 wall squats a day, never catch a cold”.

Cool I thought.  I’m always curious, so I did more research on the benefits of wall squats.

Benefits of Zhineng Qi Gong (AKA Wall squats):

*   Wall Squatting is used frequently in China to treat neurological disorders, such as at the Zhineng Qigong Recovery Centre, also called the  “medicineless Hospital” 

*    Activates the kidney meridian (most important system in Traditional Chinese Medicine for increasing vitality and      long life) which bring increased health and strength to the kidneys and adrenals

*    The kidney system in TCM has a spiritual counterpart, the “Zhi”, one’s will or inner fortitude to accomplish one’s                     goals.  Practicing wall squats will boost your reserves and give strength and fearlessness to face life’s challenges with             gusto.

*     Balances reproductive hormones

*     Increases energy

*     Loosens up the back, aligns the spine, opens and clears blockages in the Ren and Du meridians

*     In disease, much of our “Qi” or energy gets stuck around the waist and lower abdomen (also called “lower Dan Tien”).   Since wall squatting                              unblocks this, it has great power to heal many health problems.

*     Strengthens knees, legs and pelvis

*     Increase post-natal qi (in TCM you are born with a certain amount of pre-natal, also called ancestral qi, the rest of your qi comes from post-natal qi with is the energy you gather from how you live your life such as how you eat, how you exercise)

*     Wall Squats promotes Qi and blood flow through the whole body, especially good for the lower back and limbs.

Have you tried wall squats for any length of time?  What do you think about it? Love to hear your responses:)