Immune-Booster Acupuncture Package

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure


How does acupuncture strengthen the immune system?

Recently there has been a lot of scientific research to support the positive effects of acupuncture for increasing immunity.  One study by Takashi et al. showed a significant increase in several types of immune cells in the acupuncture group over imagesthe control group.  Another interesting study by Arranz, L. et al. showed how regular acupuncture raised levels of Natural Killer (NK) cells in women with anxiety. Acupuncture brought their NK cell levels back up to the same level as non-anxious women.  This confirms what we generally understand about the mind-body connection, that stress can weaken our immune system while positive thoughts support our body.

How many treatments will I need to strengthen my immune system?

Generally speaking, I recommend a series of at least 5-6 treatments spaced closely together (a few days or a week apart) to allow the body to build up the immune response to a degree where the scale tips in the positive direction allowing the body to get the upper hand to overcome the issue that is weakening the system, be it lack of vital energy or poor lymphatic flow.  Obviously this will depend on a variety of other factors such as any preexisting illness, and any lifestyle issues that may be weakening the body.  Acupuncture treatments are cumulative so treatments build on each other for the desired effects.  For this reason I recommend doing at least 5 treatments to really experience the results.

How will I feel after a treatment?

relaxed-after-treatmentI find there are two common responses after a treatment.  The first is that people feel more energized than before, but in a peaceful non-caffeinated sort of way.  This is usually the result with a person whose issues have more to do with poor blood and lymph flow.  The second is that people feel more sleepy.  This is actually a great sign that usually happens when a person has a deficiency of some sort, the body indicates that the body’s healing systems have require rest to finish off the process.  Often is the case people will fall asleep right on the treatment table.  I recommend for these people to go to bed earlier on the day of treatment.  The tiredness will wear usually off after a nap or good nights sleep.

If I already have a cold, should I get acupuncture?

Absolutely! With one caveat – the treatment will focus only one your cold/flu symptoms to help the body push the pathogen out.  This means that while you have a cold, we will not be treating other issues such as back pain, fertility, etc. because doing may involve using points that bring the energy deeper into the body which may drive the pathogen deeper in making it take longer to get rid of the cold.  All well-trained professional acupuncturists understand this.

Five great 1 hour treatments for $250, a savings of $50 for you.

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