Energy Boost Package

Do you need more energy? Heck yeah!  We all want that.


This is a great energy enhancement protocol from Mariam Lee, one of the first accredited acupuncturists in the U.S. who worked hard to share her knowledge and bring healing to many people in the early days in California before acupuncture was a recognized profession.  We thank you Mariam:)  (She knows her stuff).



This simple protocol involves 10 needles, 5 on each side, 4 in the lower leg, 6 around the arms and hands that will boost your energy in all sorts of ways.  In fact, these are the points I most often use on myself when I feel run down.  Yes, we do needle ourselves sometimes.

Five great 45 min treatments for $250.

Acupuncture treatments are cumulative so treatments build on each other for the desired effects.  For this reason I recommend doing at least 5 treatments to really experience the results which is why I’ve created this 5 treatment package for clients.

I also recommend spacing these treatments not less than a week apart if possible so that your energy shift builds up and creates a healing crescendo!

To book an appointment please reach me at 647-378-3182 or message me here from the contact page.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!