Awe-Inspiring Experiment by Dr. Masuro Emoto

Greetings Dear Readers,

Dr. Masuro Emoto, Japanese scientist performed this experiment by photographing water in frozen form to create crystals. What is so interesting and revolutionary about this experiment is that he took a piece of paper with words such as “love”, “thank you”, to the outside of each jar, poured water from the same source into each jar and photographed the water after it had been exposed to a single word.

The results were phenomenal. A different, and quite exquisite crystal pattern for each word. He also took words such as “sick” and “hate” and placed them on the jars and the water didn’t form proper crystals! Instead the photos revealed ugly and unformed blobs, more like some chemical soup you would not want to drink.

He then applied to humans and said if words taped on to a jar can have such a strong effect on the liquid inside, then if human beings are 70% water, what effect are our thoughts having on our bodies? Something to think about.

Do you notice how your thoughts affect your body?

Love to hear your comments and questions.


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